Wall and Ceiling Drywall Repair

Sometimes Accidents Happen

Accidents happen to everyone. Fortunately, drywall is relatively simple to install and relatively easy to repair. It’s also easy to repair badly, which can leave a lumpy mess that sticks out like a DIY patch to anyone who enters the room. To repair a ceiling problem such as the picture above, the sheetrock will need to be cut back to the ceiling joists, so that solid nailing or screwing can be found. A new piece of drywall will need to be installed, the joints need to be fiberglass mesh taped, prefilled with quick set drywall compound, and two to three thin coats of gypsum joint compound will get the area ready to sand and texture. Depending on the type of texture, a spray hopper will have to be used. Some textures are stippled, rolled, sponged, or applied with a trowel. Matching wall textures requires a trained eye, experience, and quite a bit of practice. Needless to say, some consider drywall repair an art form. Using a professional drywall contractor to take care of your drywall project will ensure that you will receive the quality job that you deserve.

Fortunately, many drywall repairs are not so large.



Water damage restorations are needing to be done quickly so mold does not have a chance to grow and spread. Mold remediation is a vital link to any water damage restoration so the effects of the mold do not adversely effect your family’s health.


 drywall mold


If you you live in the Colorado Springs area and would like to discuss a drywall issue, or you would like an estimate for drywall repair, call today.

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Or, feel free to email us at  hertzograndr@gmail.com

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